10/17/2014: Driving to Donnie’s In Springfield, Illinois, can’t wait to play for all our #ROCKANDROLLTHUGS tonight! Doors 6, all ages, tix at door!

3 shows left on the R&R Thugs Tour! Come hang with us:) #iconarmy @shawn_jump Thanks to @lukepeterke for the sweet shot from @vanswarpedtour

Pre-show interview with WAND discussing fashion & music—>my favorite things. 

Being Female in a Male Dominated Industry

I’m joining Renee Phoenix of Fit For Rivals to discuss the complexities of being a female in music.

Thunder and Lightning - Day in the life on Warped Tour

ll smiles in the garden. I’ve been *enjoying* nature on a new level lately. Because it’s good for the human soul.

Anxiety sucks? Try this.

Anxiety is one of the most awful things I’ve ever experienced. Here’s what I’ve learned to help you fight back.  [Subscribe to The REL Show]

I love writing little notes for each of my #customcatastrophes customers. Makes me feel so connected to the people that support my art:)