All we need are hearts like yours. 

Playing at 6:30 today on the Kevin Says Stage in Virginia Beach for Vans Warped Tour:) Come hang!
Is one of them vegetarian/vegan?

A member of the band? I don’t think it matters tho 

Makeup Madness

I used to hate makeup. Learn how I got over it and check out some of my favorite application tricks.

"You are the reason Icon For Hire exists. We will never forget that. You shouldn’t either."

Join the chaos with us at Vans Warped Tour this summer.
(Photo credit goes to Annie Atlasman)

For those of you who can’t make it to Vans Warped Tour , get exclusive merch here!!!

Can’t believe we get to do THIS everyday. See you 6pm on Kevin Says Stage, Los Angeles!

Arizona was good to us:) Now let’s see what VegasVans Warped Tour has in store! We play the Kevin Says Stage at 7 today…come hang!